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Roger Miller won his first Grammy just as the British Invasion hit the USA. His songs, part of the fabric of pop radio in the mid 1960s, were fresh then and they are fresh now. ...This recording features a few of his hits and some lesser known songs, sung and played by two generations of O'Briens.

O'Brien Party of 7

2012 - Howdy Skies Records

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As Long As There's a Shadow
In the Summertime
Tall Tall Trees
Swiss Maid
Got 2 Again
Hand for the Hog
Train of Life
You're My Kingdom
King of the Road

Produced by Tim O'Brien, Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore

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Tim O'Brien - vocals, mandolin, fiddle, bouzouki, electric guitar, banjo, ukulele, pump organ

Mollie O'Brien - vocals

Rich Moore - vocals, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, electric guitar

Jackson O'Brien - vocals, bass

Brigid Moore
- vocals

Lucy Moore
- vocals, keyboards

Joel O'Brien
- vocals, percussive dance, hambone

and with John Gardner, drums

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Radio Promotion: Brad Hunt, The WNS Group
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